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GPS Tracker - 1" Thick

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  • Easiest & Fastest GPS Tracking: This GPS offers the fastest GPS tracking for vehicles, valuables, and loved ones using 4G satellite technology. Receive location alerts from the GPS tracker via our iOS/Android apps.
  • Intuitive Software & Features: Easily watch your tracker move along a map, customize boundaries, pull historical data, speed, distance, and more. Ideal for use as a kid's GPS tracker or car GPS tracker.
  • Reliable Service: With more than a 99.99% uptime and a .256 millisecond processing time our cloud-based technology will meet your needs, from the parent with a single GPS tracker to the growing business fleet.
  • Small & Versatile: Our mini GPS tracker is only 1" thick with up to 2.5-week battery life. 
  • Lifetime Warranty & Affordable Subscription: Annual subscription starts at $19.95/month. An alternate month-to-month subscription starts at $24.95/month and can be canceled at any time, free of charge. We also offer free 24/7 support and a lifetime warranty on GPS trackers with an active subscription.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alex Lane
Works pretty dang good

Works pretty dang good. I am using it on a construction site as bait for thieves stealing tools. Havent caught them yet but I will!

Kevin K
Works perfectly

Like one of the other reviewers said, this told me exactly what I needed to know. Works perfectly, highly recommended.

Alexandro Gonzalez
Great item, service. Hard to find better

It's a great service!Used it and gave my excellent detail and location including speed of travel, current and past locations, and battery levels. It's small and discreet and doesn't make noise. Their cheapest membership gives you updated location every minute and you pay more for updates every 30 seconds then 5 seconds I believe but every minute works quite well!! Another thing I liked is that it gives you an option to notify you via text or email the moment the person moves or leaves a specified area.FYI though the geo fencing is not customizable to the extend of a rectangular area or certain shape; it is only an area of a circle which grows bigger on all sides. This can be a problem because you may only want the area to be from 10 miles East and West but this also gives them a buffer to travel 10 miles North and South, problem depending how you use it.There are a few lapse moments where the location was off by a block but overall it works very well and corrected itself the next time it updated so you could see and weed out which location report was inaccurate. Happened about once a week or so for half hour at a time

Paola Torres
Great GPS

This is the beat GPS I've used. Great buy!! Has definitely come in handy. Thanks Spy Tech for a great an affordable device.

Five Stars

Very discreet unit and does exactly what it's supposed to!

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