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6-In-1 Baby Bottle Warmer

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  • 6-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer: This multifunctional baby bottle warmer is available for quick thawing / warming up with steam / constant warming in the water bath / clean / heat retention / heating of foods. Only one warmer is needed to meet your daily needs and save space and budget.
  • Double-bottle Design / AufMilk Thaw & Heat Quickly: The Bottle Warmer can heat the milk evenly in just a few minutes to prevent nutrient loss and to calm the crying baby in time. You can also heat two bottles at a time, which is ideal for feeding twin babies.
  • Smart Reservation & Temperature Control: LED digital bottle heater provides real-time temperature, you can program the accurate warming temperature (1C) & time(1 Min). Easy control temperature at any time, warm milk, heating formula, and food thawing. Set a timer all features are available to reserve time, it also can keep warm up to 24 hours on the target temperature Warm milk will be always served.
  • High-Temperature Steam Clean: This baby bottle heater is compatible with most bottles on the market. The steam clean can reach 212F, clean the baby bottle. For a more comfortable experience, we also offer clips and cleaning tools.
  • Heating Protection & Safety Materials: If the water in the bottle warmer is dry, the bottle warmer will automatically switch off. This bottle warmer is made of food-safe PP material. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rodrigo fraga
Looks good

This is very practical, it is very convenient to heat milk for babies, the power supply is environmentally friendly, don’t worry about heating milk in the middle of the night is very convenient, the product is very good

Love it

I love it . I'm so glad I bought it . It hears up fast and I can use it for the next feedings and it stay warm .I have used all functions except the egg thing

Kayci Knetzger
Fast bottles warmer

So my babies always need to have their milks heated or else they won’t drink it. My previous bottle warmer was dying so I decided to get her a new one. This bottle warmer is so roomy and can fit two bottles at once. Since I have two kids this is definitely gonna save me some time in warming up the bottles. It has a pick up tray so you don’t burn your finger trying to get her bottles out. So far i’d said it had heated up fast and get the job done. I highly recommend getting this baby bottles warmer for any mom!

Matthew Davison
Excellent sterilizer

I love this bottle sterilizer it is very easy to use and it is so convenient! I just need to put the clean bottles and Pacifier or toys inside the sterilizer and nothing else I need to worry, it will automatically turn to constant temperature when it was done for sterilizing! It save my time! This machine also have many functions, like heating milk, dry fruit, etc, it is valuable ! Highly recommend!

steve nelson
Very convenient and easy to use

Very beautiful and delicate appearance, simple and fast operation, and full of fun, the material is also very assured, the price is very high, I can’t wait to use it once, and the result is very satisfied

6-In-1 Baby Bottle Warmer
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