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Baby Movement Monitor - White

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  • A wearable baby monitor that easily clips onto your baby's diaper.
  • This monitor monitors your baby's breathing movement and will attempt to gently rouse your baby after 15-seconds of no breathing movement.
  • It will alarm after 20-seconds of no breathing movement allowing you to act quickly.
  • Heading out? Simply pop the monitor into your bag - no cords, wires, or complicated sensor pads.
  • No need to hover over your sleeping baby at night. Enable the tick mode to "hear" your baby's breathing movements at night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sarah German
Love it!

After having lost a child to SIDS, this monitor was a must have. Our daughter is almost 6 months and we have only have 2 false alarms. Both times the monitor was not snug on her diaper. The monitor is very easy to use. It does not seem uncomfortable for the baby. When we first got home with the new baby, we were not sure how much sleep we would get since we had lost a child to SIDS, but once we started using the monitor, we were both able to get sleep a little better. We tested it to see how it worked before placing it on the baby. The vibration is a strong vibration to wake up the baby and the alarm is very loud. One of the times it went off as a false alarm I was asleep on the other end of the house and the alarm woke me up and everything turned out to be fine. Definitely would recommend this monitor to others and have actually recommended it to several friends that are expecting.


This is the best thing I could have ever bought! I wish I would have had this with my other two children. My husband and I are actually able to sleep at night instead of losing sleep because we are afraid the baby will quit breathing. The only problem I have encountered is the sound went out after about two months of use. I called the company and they told me to send it back and they would send me another. I didn't have to fight with them or anything. I do recommend that you turn the monitor off when you're nursing though, because it can lose contact with the baby and vibrate. And turn the monitor on before you put it on the baby, because it vibrates when you turn it on and can wake the baby up.

Must Have!

This and the Bay Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit are the two most important things I have purchased for my baby. This little device gives me such peace of mind. I was able to transfer my baby to his own crib without worry or fear, and now that he is older (7 months) and sleeps on his stomach (face down UGH!) this has come in very very handy. Some people think I am crazy for having a breathing monitor, but I really could care less. My husband and I sleep great when the baby is sleeping, and it alleviates a lot of worry for me.

Ralph & Stephanie

The Snuza is seriously a MUST HAVE for any over-protective parent! I absolutely LOVE this breathing/movement monitor -- it's definitely put my husband and I a little more at ease when we sleep at night. It's small size (size of a contact lens container) isn't too bulky or bother the baby when attached to the front of the diaper. I alternate between disposable & cloth diapers and I haven't had any problem with attaching the snuza to the front of either.PROS:I love that there's an option for it to beep at every move/inhale. Since we co-sleep/bed share, I always make sure I can hear the beeps but if I step out of the room, I place my iPad in front of her & FaceTime so I can hear the beeps & see her.CONS:If the diaper is loose or you have a little wiggle bug, then the purple rubber tip may not touch or have enough contact with the belly & you may get a false alarm (happened to us a few times) -- but it's great to know that it DOES alarm us like it's supposed to.There's a video clip on YouTube how to attach the snuza with a small cloth elastic if you have a little wiggle bug or the diaper becomes loose often.If you purchase this breathing/movement monitor, I hope you love it as much as we do!

We love it. We started using it when our son ...

We love it. We started using it when our son was 2 months old and now he is 4 months. Snooza gives us peace of mind. It's great that you can see blinking light with each his breath; so you don't have to worry if snooza works or no. You have the option to choose the sound and in this case you can hear - snooza makes a sound each time when you baby inhales/exhales. (We found the sound a little bit annoying; so we use a light only) We are lucky that the battery is lasting for a long time. We use snooza during the night only and it has been working for 2 months already.

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