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Baby Wrap Carrier - Black

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  • Premium Baby Wrap Carrier:  The perfect balance of comfort, style, and support. Each wrap wraps around your back and crosses in the front. This wrap is designed for inward-facing baby only. 
  • Supportive Hands-Free Carrying:  A smart way to keep your baby comfortable, protected, and close to your chest. This baby wrap carrier lets you move, shop, and work freely.
  • Extra Comfortable:  Knitted with a stretchy, high-quality rayon/polyester blended yarn, our baby wrap carrier is lighter and more comfortable for you and your baby.
  • Reinforced Design: This baby wrap carrier is made with double-sided stitching for more strength, and is designed for babies that weigh 7-35 pounds. This one-size-fits-all baby carrier is a great addition to any mom looking to care and cradle a baby.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Love it

Works great. Nice quality fabric and easy to use. Not sure I would use this in the summer because I think it would be too hot but great for winter.

Easy to use! No fussy squirmy baby, no buckles!

Let me tell you something, I struggled with carriers/slings. The carrier hurt my back and made it hard to breathe. The ring sling can go to hell. I watched every video and it wasn't happening with a baby who likes to move a lot. So I decided to try a stretch wrap. Game. Changed. Mamas, if you don't have one, get one.

London's Mommy
If you're thinking of buying this, buy it.

I was hesitant to buy one of these since they looked complicated but my baby doesn't like other carriers. So, I thought why not give it a try, won't hurt for the price.It arrived and I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it was though intimidated by how long the material was. (I'm 5'1") watched a couple of videos, practiced wrapping myself a few times and then decided to put the baby inside... IT WORKED!This Momma was super happy to be walking around hands free with a sleepy baby wrapped to my chest. Winner!!

Stephanie B.
Great price and a great product!

LOVE this wrap! And I absolutely LOVED the price as well! The fabric is amazingly soft and stretchy. It takes a little while to get the wrapping technique down but once you do it's pretty simple. Baby loves the wrap and falls asleep quickly when I put her in. The only thing I’d say is that you need to make sure the wrap is tight enough or else your baby will shift and move a lot making the wrap feel loose and not supportive. Wearing this indoors tends to get too warm so make sure baby is not getting overheated! Outdoor use makes more sense or in cooler areas. Love it though!

I recommend the product

it's stretchy but just as I need it to be,I love the product, I ordered it when I was pregnant, my baby now is 3 months old and I've been using since he was born, I washed it several times and the fabric is still amazing

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