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Baby Wrap Carrier - Light Gray

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    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 5cm-wide shoulder strap assists in dispersing mommy's pressure, extremely soft & breathable filling material reduces shoulder injuries. Plus, the waist stool holds your baby so comfortable that generates less shoulder burden.
    • SAFE DESIGN: No worry about your baby's shaking and falling down while you are moving because of the perfect wrapping. The soft edging prevents your baby from cutting. Besides, the wide and soft sofa cushion provides the baby with a comfortable sitting posture, which prevents the leg from being squeezed then impeding the blood circulation and causing hip bone deformation.
    • MULTI-FUNCTIONS: 3 modes to switch freely, including single stool mode, strap mode, and multi-purpose use of strap-type waist stool mode, which are easy to change, to meet the needs of the age-free use as well as convenient for mama to disassemble.
    • Easy to Wear: With the simple design, making it easy to wear and only takes three steps without others' help.
    • HEALTH PROTECTION: The saliva tissue and the bite towel is removable to prevent your baby swallowing the dirt. It is recommended to change and wash them every day. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Easy to use, Durability

    Our baby grows biger and biger. He has to be held in the afternoom. My wife complained about the wrist plain a lot. This carrier help relieve her pain. She can carry the baby whenever she feels tired lifting. And it is very use to assemble it!

    Great buy

    I am soo glad i went with this carrier versus more expensive ones seeing i hate spending money on things that im not sure of but this is my third carrier and i got it for summer since my wrap is hot material i love this carrier!!!

    Buy it!

    It’s a little awkward BUT this carrier has been absolutely amazing! It has helped us get between airplanes, go through stores, go hiking and site seeing ... our kiddo loves it in comparison to carriers that don’t have butt support. So many people ask me about this product! Buy it buy it buy it!I’m just sad our kiddo has grown out of it!

    Melena Runewicz

    I just got it in the mail today and so far so good! I was reading reviews and I wasn’t sure if it would fit me, I am 250# and 5’4. There is still plenty of room! When I first got it out of the box I thought I’d be overwhelmed by all of the buckles and straps, however it was super easy to figure out! The baby teething pads are inside of the middle compartment. I can’t wait to go out with my little man and try it out!

    Brittany M Miller
    Wonderful product

    This is a wonderful product! It is easy to put on and takeoff. It is comfortable for the baby and does not miss align the hips. My daughter loves it! Wonderful product! It is exactly like the expensive ones but a way more practical price!

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