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GPS Tracker - 1.26oz

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  • Unlimited Distance Real-time Tracking: A monthly fee is required. The full USA and all countries worldwide coverage. International SIM card included. A monthly fee of 19.95USD is required. Prepaid long-term plans are also available for $16.60, $13.95, or $9.95 USD. (See more details about the monthly fee at the end of the big paragraph.
  • This tracker is very small measuring 1.75" x 1.5" x 0.55" and very light weighing 1.26oz. Comes with a SIM card included and works worldwide. Included attachments are a strong magnet, dog collar water-resistant silicone cover, belt clip, key chain, and a lanyard. 

Customer Reviews

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september townes
great at tracking

love the affordability of tracking my houdini of a dog! Use to search for hours in the dark ( his favorite time to leave the yard) and now I find him in minutes with this. Love it gives you the battery life so there's no guessing on when u need to charge it. The monthly fee is worth it to me !

Patrick P.
Highly recommended!! First device that actually works!!!

Amazing product!!!Simple to use, the app has so many very useful feature that are impossible to list. It works like a SWISS clock and beyond the product and App working so well, I had an issue due to my lack of knowledge of the product and their support team was stellar.They answered right away, they know their product perfectly so that they can really guide you and they were so customer oriented. Special thanks to Rick!Could not recommend this product enough. Buying 2 more Tracki Devices right now.The package is also so complete and professional. You get few possible back covers to choose from, magnet cover, simple cover, attach to your pocket cover.Finally, whoever designed the App really thought well on features.A+++ keep up the good work.

Works great, app is intuitive, lots of features, good tech support

Purchased for a bike I had in NYC, helped me find it once when I had loaned it to someone who took just a *little* too long to bring it back. NOTE it does require a cellular subscription for GPS tracking, which is about $20/m. The app doesn't let you pause or cancel it on your own, but tech support has been helpful both times I've called, and have even given refunds for months when I didn't use it. I spoke with Leah this last time and she refunded my last two months; when I had been out of the city and didn't need the tracking.Battery lasts for a good amount of time as well. It just does what it says, and does it well. Would recommend some basic tech knowledge for setting it up.

Addicted to
Awesome customer service!! TEN STARS!

Overall very happy with this device. I have purchased three of them. Its accuracy is 99% accurate every once in a while it takes longer than two minutes to update location but that is very rare. Set up is fast and easy. I purchased the extra battery/magnetic case and I would highly recommend doing so. I only have to charge it every two weeks now as compared to every other day. Their tech-support is amazing! Someone stole one of my devices and I called on a Sunday to report it stolen and see if they could help me locate it. The person who stole it apparently didn’t charge it so the battery was dead and therefore they couldn’t help me find it. I actually had forgotten about it and just figured I needed to buy another one. I just got a call from one of their technicians, Jeth, who told me he was sending me a free one and activated the warranty for the other two I have in case any of them happens to be a lost or stolen they would send me a replacement for it as well! For free!

Works as advertised

I've been using this device for a few months. It works as advertised. However it's not exactly accurate. It can be off by up to 300 ft. For example, when I would be home,it would say I was in the building next door. But it worked well enough for my needs. The battery is tricky.. If you dont have access to device to recharge all the time,.you've got to play around with the battery saver option which stops the tracking but increases the battery life..But on the upside the battery charged to 100% super fast! I would have it plugged in and it would charge in 20-30 minutes! I didnt need it anymore so I cancelled it. I wish there was the option to cancel right on the app but instead you have to write to customer service to cancel and wait till they respond.. But they have always contacted me back super fast. Either that day or the very next day. Rey was super helpful with helping with my cancellation.

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