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GPS Tracker - 3"

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    • Accurate and Discreet Real-Time GPS Tracker.
    • $19.95 per month - Quarterly 5% off | Bi-Annual 10% off | Annual 20% off subscription plan - All features included - Cancel Anytime - No Contract - No Hidden Fees - All tracker update options are included as fast as 10 second report frequency.
    • Track your vehicle, machinery, valuables and loved ones LIVE 24/7 from our EASY TO USE State-of-the-Art Tracking Software.
    • Battery Life up to 2 weeks reporting frequency at 1 minute.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great product, poor battery life

    Best thing ever if you want to keep track of a certain someone! Shows the exact location and if they’re moving it even shows their speed. Only down side is the battery life.

    A great purchase with constant updates for tracking

    So far, this has been a great purchase. I also ordered the hardwire kit (routed through my ACC fuse so it powers/charges it only when the key is engaged/engine is on). Tracking has been pretty darn accurate providing a detailed history of movement and the fee was a flat $19.95 with (I'd guess, based on what I see) 10 second interval updates.

    Good tracker for the money

    I bought this to track our Seadoo just in case someone decided to swipe it. We were camping in a new area and it was beached at our campsite. Tracker worked awesome batter lasted about 12 days! This is on the send location every 10mins setting. I agree with others the app is somewhat stone age and a little confusing,but worked fine. You can see battery life, signal, last location etc. You can also send a "ping" to see the exact location any time. Worked perfectly I slipped it into a small pocket inside the steering column. Not bad monthly subscription of $19 for a single tracker.

    Melissa DeLaMora
    Five Stars

    Love it! Peace of mind is priceless

    nice quality....

    Really works... battery could be a little bit better....Overall, awesome...

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