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STEM Apple Factory Learning Toy

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  • COLOR SORTING TOYS has MANY WAYS TO PLAY: The 12 counting apples stem toy are an educational toy in 3 colors and 12 Seed colors. Use the Montessori toys for toddlers as color matching game, fine motor skills toys for toddler activities for girl or boy. 
  • PRESCHOOL LEARNING TOYS for 4, 5 or 6 year olds: Kids at this age love role play, use the apples for creative dramatic play with toy play food or grocery store pretend play with shopping cart or cash register. Match each apple half with the matching number blocks or contrasting seed count into a single apple on this fine motor toy for toddlers. Learn numbers, complex colors and teach one-to-one correspondence with the apple math manipulatives counters with number games for preschoolers.
  • KINDERGARTEN LEARNING GAMES: Each apple has a different color and number, with corresponding seeds and holes. Seeds & numbers are contrasting colors and easy to see which works well as sensory toys or math games for kindergarten.

Customer Reviews

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Renee O'Brien
Great product

I bought for my 2 yr old grandson very sturdy made he loves them . I also have a i home daycare I would like to get more for the daycare !

So many benefits!

This activity is wonderful to support children's development of fine motor skills, engagement skills, and of course academic skills with the counting element! I really appreciate how the box includes suggestions for using this toy in a variety of ways depending on each child's preferences, skill set, and needs!

crystal wagner
Awesome game

I love this just as much as my girls they play it everyday and have been so creative when playing I love it

Michelle R S

These are great. The numbers are a bit early for my little one ,2, but she loves opening, matching and talking about the colors s.

autumn achugbu
Good job👍🏾

Loved the apples my 3 year old twins really enjoyed Learning their numbers and it made counting fun. Their motor skills are being enhanced by playing with the apples. Good product.

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